Saturday, March 12, 2011

Enemies of Blood Pressure

Eating healthy is very essential to maintain normal blood pressure. Hypertension has been know to cause failures of other organs of the body. Our physical appearance is of greater importance to regulating our blood pressure. In simple terms hypertension or high blood pressure is increased pressure the blood in circulation is exerting on the walls of blood vessels. High blood pressure will disorganize other organs of the body because of the additional pressure as the circulation and distribution processes go on.
For that reason we ought not add more labor to the heart by not keeping our weight down. We are recommended by medical prescription to avoid overweight, avoid all animal fat, Bacon, beef, chicken liver, sausage, pork and processed meat. Avoid aged cheese, chocolate, aged meat, anything soured in nature such as cream, yogurt. Some of these food nutrients have high cholesterol which helps hypertension. No smoking, no drinking of alcohol but in reality if you can avoid drinking every other things except water, that is the best approach. Do not consume any supplement that contain amino acids. In addition, keep checking your blood pressure periodically.